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Preventing Theft at Trade Shows

Posted by Alexandra Culver on

Have you or someone you know ever had your items stolen at trade shows?  It can be heartbreaking.  You made the decision to give up your weekend in hopes to provide your family with some extra money and all of a sudden your hard work is for nothing.  It unfortunately happens, but there are some steps you can take to help minimize your risk.

  • Don’t leave your booth unattended. Sounds obvious, but it’s all too common.
  • Lock up your most expensive items. Check these links to lock up your valuables.
    1. All Lockable cases
    2. Lockable travel cases
  • Keep track of your inventory. It’s bad enough to be robbed, but it’s even worse not to even know.
  • Make sure the shows you are doing are reputable and have preventive practices in place.
  • Cover your booth at the end of the day. Remove the temptation and cover your items with tarps.